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Ishrat Binte Aftab is eluded  by the writer's voracious and ardent attempt of expressing self-thoughts  Oftentimes we make

A fraction of the whole

Ram Sarangan explores Orhan Pamuk's latest novel that draws succor from father-son myths in Western and Eastern cultural

Magical vision of the refugee crisis

Sukhdev Sandhu ransacks the reason that a couple leaves an unnamed city in search of a new life,

How to catch a bandit

RK Vij delineates the first-hand account of the capture and killing of Veerappan, as portrayed by the author

Poetry as modifier of human experiences

Liton Chakraborty Mithun gets amazed by the contextures of sentiment, interpretation and significance of the poetWilliam

A book that describes the long way of development communication

Main Uddin Ahmed tried to mention in brief that  the book will help a reader very much in

Border dispatch

Mani Shankar Aiyar explores conventional strands of terrorism but also delves into the  daily-ness of the average Pakistani

Remembering the rebel poet…

Nazrul is still remembered as 'Vidrohi Kavi', a fiery rebel poet who raised his voice against injustice in

Nazrul's letter to Nargis

Introduction and translation:  Subrata Kumar Das[Nargis Asar Khanam or Sayada Khatun was the first wife of Kazi

Devapala: Merging history with literature

Ishrat Binte Aftab is amazed by the novelist's anecdotal portrayal  of imagination and realityThe history of

A chilling meditation on loss and time

Tessa Hadley depicts the rural village, the missing girl, the search for a body … then life goes

The mingling of imagination and experience

Liton Chakraborty Mithun explores the poet's  self-made world of loveAmerican poet Matthew Zapruder in a recent

Scintillating arrival of a mighty wordsmith on Bangladeshi poetry

Liton Chakraborty Mithun gets amazed by the expressions,  emotions and thoughts of the poet'Poetry is ordinary

Metamorphic undulations before and after 1947

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury unveils the essence of a research work that connects history with socio-political orbits and

The poet writes on Bangabandhu and an associate

Main Uddin Ahmed attempted to find out how words can contain respect,  history and thyme simultaneously'Mohan

The killing of seven revolutionaries

Tusar Talukder comes across a darkened chapter of our political history Matiur Rahman's Khapra Ward Hotyakando

A bravura journey into America's past

Alex Clark explores notions of national identity and self-renewal as two young  soldiers find intimacy amid the horrors

In 'So Much Blue,' a married painter spills secrets

Gerald Early illustrates thoughts and behavior of a  creative heart that elaborates the writerPercival Everett might

A tale of tribulations under autocracy

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury flashes inquisitive light on the price paid by a famed politician and a  veteran

The Bania's eye view

Samantak Das reveals an engaging story of a people who have done  much to make India what it

Coping alone in Copenhagen

Catherine Taylor limns the life and loves of a  nonconformist translator of crime fiction that vividly captured by

The path of self-purification…

Liton Chakroborty Mithun is impressed by the poet's poetic expressions"One of the great pleasures of reading poetry to feel

Serious portrait of a shocking standup

Ian Sansom depicts the way of telling a tale of neither remotely funny nor an easy read of David

A poetic exploration into female power

Liton Chakraborty Mithun limns the inner words, thoughts, sense and mood of the rhymerPoetry is not

(Don't) Keep calm and carry on

Pratik Kanjilal illustrates the questions about our equanimity in the face of everyday violence as raised by the

20 years of wizardry: A writer’s story of hardship and triumph

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