Monday, September 21, 2015



Michael Pye explores the passionate love of childhood  friendship as it is lost, transformed, and regained  over a lifetime,

New books published in Ekushey Book Fair

'Shamprotik Folklore Vabna' by Shamsuzzaman Khan. Right now he is on the chair of Director General of Bangla Academy.

Intelligence, failure and success

Sushant Singh scrutinizes the hitherto shady world of Pakistan's secret service, defines by the writerFrom the circulation of fake

The land of desire

Pratap Bhanu Mehta reveals the inner motives both from Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and the writers to congregate such

A novelist scours the Honduran jungle for pre-columbian ruins

Brendan I. Koerner rummages the evocations and challenges relates by the writerThe year may still be young, but I

The grateful dead

Sanjay Sipahimalani illustrates the strange long journey of a realm to find their redemption as defines by the novelIn

A marketplace for ideas

Ashwini Deshpande deciphers an enterprising glimpse into the fascinating world of economic thoughts by the writerTo (poorly) paraphrase the

'The Underground Railroad' is more than a metaphor

Juan Gabriel Vásquez explores the bare horrors of slavery and its toxic legacy as appears in the novelColson Whitehead's

Thoughts on political vices and gambits

Sabbir Khan's latest book appears to be hot and steamy like cakes just out of the oven having been

A South African novelist recalls the sister she couldn't save

Sheila Kohler's memoir, 'Once We Were Sisters,' begins at the height of apartheid, in 1979 South Africa, but the

For two small-town families, war is the tie that binds

How are we to deal with war? What place shall it hold in our national consciousness? It's both exclusionary

While the city burned

After Partition, it was hoped that the gruesome violence that tore the country apart in 1947 would not be

Noy Holland's tales of peculiar lives in hard places

For two decades, Noy Holland has been writing about the deep connections that develop between people and the natural

A man in search of answers

Chanakya Cinema, New Delhi, 1982. I was in Class V when the entire batch was packed off to watch

Zinky Boys: A book denouncing war hawks

Svetlana Alexievich, the Belarusian author and journalist who received 2015 Nobel Prize for literature illustrated the agonies and hardship

Montage of love, history and social norms

Rabindranath Tagore is a towering icon in the arena of Bengali literature. He enhanced and illuminated all the branches

An unconscious change of culture

Many years back Edward Said remarked, "The more one is able to leave one's cultural home, the more easily

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Indica is an ambitious title for a book, inviting comparison with Megasthenes, from whose account so much knowledge of

Prose and poetry of ethical insight

Bala's Parables and Some Innocent Verses is the latest book by Professor Harashit Bala, an educationist, an author and

Those were the days, my friend

Towards the end of Up Campus Down Campus, two parted lovers exchange letters. Both conclude by writing that they

Poetry bridging gap between idealism and realism

Is life really an inevitable responsibility or a rare gift to be celebrated in every moment, or only a

Contribution of Assam in the Liberation War of Bangladesh

A book that makes us historically indebtedSujan Miah depicts the valuable naration of the writerThe book

The Metamorphosis

Muhammad Mukit elaborates consequences of plutocracy that evolved in the novelThe Metamorphosis is Franz Kafka's (1883-1924) fictional

Haunting screams from Afro-American Slaves

Mahfuz Ul Hasib Chowdhury excavates the real dolor of slavery in the history of AmericaEdmund S. Morgan

A girl's odyssey for sublime love

Paulo Coelho is currently one of the most famous Latin American authors. He is originally from Brazil and has

Shelflife: Things we can't untie

In 'Scheherazade on the Shore', one of the short stories in The High Priestess Never Marries, the unnamed narrator