Monday, September 21, 2015

Food & Nutrition

KFC Bangladesh presents a Trio of Tempting Zingers

In this culinary era, KFC Bangladesh is delighted to introduce three new

ICT4 Nutrition: Revolutionizing Nutritional Development for All

The District Nutrition Coordination Committee (DNCC) of Rangpur District, in collaboration with the Joint Action Nutrition Outcome (JANO) project,

Prepare for a healthier Ramadan this year!

 After consecutive years of spending the holy Ramadan under lock-down restrictions, Riana and Sami are finally preparing this year

Delicious Eid desserts in microwave oven

The occasion ofjoyous Eid is present before us again

COVID-19: Journalists, Doctors and Nurses exposed to the mental stress

Noted psychotherapist Mahmuda Mohsina Bushra told the Asian Age that psychological stress is

Global threats need global collaboration

Rayhan Ahmed Topader 

A coronavirus causes upper respiratory infection symptoms

S.M.Masud Rana (Robi)A coronavirusis

Keep your food fresh for a longer period by freezing them

 The COVID-19 pandemic has originated a great pause in our lives. With over 4 million cases, a lot

Countries failing to stop harmful marketing of breast-milk substitutes: WHO, UNICEF

Despite efforts to stop the harmful promotion of breast-milk substitutes, countries are still falling

Make your diet more eco-friendly

Emily KichlerWe're offering up a few easy little things that everyone can do to combat climate

Eczema: Let's start from scratch

 Dr Leong Kin FonEczema can lead to itchy and inflamed skin. Read on to find out

Stir-fried orange pumpkin

Ingredients: 2 tbspolive or peanut oil * ¼ tsp urad dal * ¼ tsp whole mustard seeds *

Bottle gourd curry

Ingredients: 1 medium size bottle gourd peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces (will make about 4 cups) *

Masala lady's finger

Ingredients: 250 gms bhindi/lady's finger * 1 bowl water, small * 7-8 tbsp mustard oil * 1 tsp

Take care of premature baby at home

Mahak AroraIf your bundle of joy arrives before 37 weeks, then he's a preterm or premature

Cake decorating hacks from a cake pro

Rebecca GaoI am, by all accounts, a cake novice. I often have no idea where to

Chirer Polao

Ingredients: Chire thick 2 cups * Bell Pepper green chopped 1/2 cup u Carrot 1/2 cup chopped *

Doi Chira

Ingredients: Plain yogurt/Curd - 1 1/2 cup * Chire/ flattened rice - 1/4 cup * Sugar - 2-3

Chirer naru

Ingredients: 2½ cup (250 gm) chire thick * 1 tsp clarified butter * 1 cup (110 gm) coconut,

Protect yourself against coronavirus

Amanda ArnoldOver the past few weeks, an increasing number of countries across the world have struggled

Take a better nap

Susan LackeHere's how to build a better nap. We've all been there-passed out on the couch

Mango salad

IngredientsMango salad: 3 mangoes ripe, peeled and thinly sliced * 1 red bell pepper thinly sliced

Thai papaya salad

Ingredients: 200 g shredded green papaya * 2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped * 2 snake beans, cut into

Jujube salad

Ingredients: 2 servings * 2 cup washed jujube * 1 tsp sugar/jaggery * 1/2 tsp salt * 2

Beat a headache naturally

Without reaching for the painkillers. Unpleasant throbbing and aching in the head, nausea, ringing ears, blurred vision - headaches

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