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Blueberries are an all-star food and a colorful and delicious addition to anything from your morning bowl of

Vegetables you must include in your diabetes diet

Sushmita Sengupta   Diabetes refers to a diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood

Chicken Curry

Ingredients1 kilograms cubed chicken2 teaspoon crushed to paste green chilli1 teaspoon beaten yoghurt (curd)500 gm chopped

Butter Chicken Biryani

Ingredients 1 kilograms chicken boneless2 onion1 tablespoon butter400 gm parboiled basmati rice2 cinnamon stick2 green cardamom1/2

What's your source of protein?

Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar The movement against environmental pollution and animal cruelty has led many

From headaches to acne, six Ramadan health tips to help you in the Holy Month

Myriam SakrBoost your health during Ramadan: As we near the last week of the Holy Month,

Oven "Fried" Okra and Honey Dijon Dipping Sauce

Ingredients: 20 pods okra * 1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs * 2 whole eggs * 1 tablespoon oregano *

Homemade Garlic and Basil Pickles

Ingredients: 1 pickling cucumber u 12 oz. wide mouth Mason jar u 1/2 tsp sea salt u 1/2

Lost in food of Guhaa

Farizaa SabreenInspired by the Cave like ambience, Guhaa, The Cave Kitchen exudes an impersonal vibe with

Hygiene tips every chef should follow!

Imran Amin Many ignore the importance of clean aprons, hair nets, and germ-free hands, but without

Are you tired all the time?

Eleni N. Gage Culprit: A Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Having low levels of iron or vitamin


Ingredients: 4 tbsp of olive oil u  ½ cup of finely minced onions u Two stalks of celery,

Dry fruit milk shake

Ingredients*    ¼ cup almonds*    ¼ cup pistachios, unsalted variety*    ¼ cup cashews, unshelled*    ¼ cup of

Seven foods to fight insomnia

Lisa TurnerThe brain depends on a complex array of nutrients to ensure peaceful, uninterrupted slumber. If you're

What are the differences between the paleo and keto diets?

Tess KomanOne has the world's cutest guido as its outspoken mascot, for one. Neither the Paleo nor the Keto

Tuscan meatball soup

Ingredients:  1kg chicken wing tips u 1kg chicken necks u ¼ cup olive oil u 1kg beef and

Fish with potato veggie roast

Ingredients:  6x200g firm white fish fillets u Olive oil, for frying u  Lemon wedges, for servingRoast: 18 small

Tips for adequate nutrition

James HeagneyObserving a 16-hour fast can at first invoke many difficulties in balancing your daily nutrition

Managing Diabetes during the month of Ramadan

Ramadan is an annual period of fasting, prayer, and giving to charity observed by more than one billion

Prawns with Rice Balls

Prep time15 mins u Cook time: 45 mins u Serves: 3-4Ingredients3 green chillis, chopped u 15 gm mustard seed


Prep time5 mins u Cook time: 10 mins u Bake time: 12 mins u Serves: 2Ingredientsu ½ onion, cut

Dairy and alternatives in your diet

Milk and dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are great sources of protein and calcium and can form

How to avoid burnout in youth sports

Few would dispute the value to children of participating in sports, organized or otherwise. Being physically active and engaged

Sheer Korma

Ingredients: 2.5 cups full fat milk * 1/4 cup fine vermicilli * 1/4 cup sugar * 1 Tbsp butter

Nihari Mutton

Ingredients: 6 trotters - cleaned and ready to cook * 1 cup oil * 2 cups onions - sliced

Nuts, the magical foods to lose weight

Nuts are extremely healthy, as they're packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, they have been linked to

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