Want to spread bangla songs across the globe: Singer Nasir -The Asian Age

Music is my life, music is my soul and I wish to be with music till my last breath, said singer Nasir, a popular singer of 90s.

While talking to this correspondent, he expressed his own dream and current reality of music industry of Bangladesh.

Md Jamal Uddin Nasir popularly known as Nasir was born in Narail and spent his childhood in Khulna. He started learning music from his elder sister. He learnt Rabindra Sangeet from his sister. Besides, he used to listening songs in radio and tried to imitate these.  

Later, he took lessons on music from Ustad Sadhan Sarker at a local academy named 'The School of Music'.
He started his journey in music industry through his first album Vangchur Prem in 1990.

Several songs such as Bonnera bone roy and tumi ei buke became very much popular among audiences.   
Over two thousand songs sung by Nasir have been released on various platforms. Of them, some songs have gained immense popularity.

Besides, Nasir has more than thirty songs to release. Currently, he is busy with his YouTube channel and other companies with music work.

His some popular songs are- Nodi, valobese keno sheshe, kishoree, rajkumari, ekdin sob chere, o sokhina, emne marish na, koster baluchore, indur babaji, ja kichur hobar etc. 

Apart from audio songs, Nasir has sung songs for some films, which have gained huge popularity among audiences.
When asked about his music life, Nasir said, "Music is my meditation. I wish to stay with music as long as I live."
"If Allah wishes I will release some songs in 2023 in phases", he said.

He urged the audiences to listen more Bengali songs so that our music industry can flourish like Indian music industry.