A native returns, for a while… -The Asian Age

The actor Anju Ghosh has been to Dhaka after a long gap of 22 years. And why do we focus on her after all this time? The reason is simple: Ghosh was a prominent presence in Bangladesh's film industry in the 1990s, one of her significant movies being Beder Meye Jyotsna. 

One cannot quite say that the 1990s were the most enlightening phase in the nation's movie history, but what cannot be denied is the fact that compared to what came later, the decade was remarkable for the popular films it produced and the zeal with which such movies drew audiences to cinema halls across the country. The contrast between then and now can easily be fathomed through a cursory observation of our cinema halls today.

Anju Ghosh now lives in Kolkata, which is certainly satisfying for her and for people like her. It is unfortunate that artistes like Ghosh have had to relocate abroad in order to find new moorings, which is again a suggestion that careers in what is supposed to be an aesthetic arena are rather fleeting affairs. 

Long ago, the very promising singer Mitali Mukherjee, whose melodies kept audiences in a state of trance because of their depth and delivery, moved to Mumbai, where she married a prominent Indian singer. There have been others who have gone abroad to lead lives of a kind different from those they pursued back home.But, as they say, many are the ways in which the skies change color!