Diversified tourist spot in Bandarban -The Asian Age

The Sangu River is only the river born inside Bangladesh and runs through Bandarban. This River is also known as Sangpo or Shankha. It is a river in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The source of this river is in the North Arakan Hills of Myanmar. The Arakan Hills form the border between Arakan and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It pursues a northerly indirect course in the hill tracts. Then it enters Bangladesh near Remarki. This part is situated at Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban District in the east. It is a shallow river.

Sangu River flows north throughout Rowangchhari, Thanchi and Bandarban Sadar Upazilas of Bandarban District. It then runs west through Banshkhali and Satkania Upazilas in Chittagong District and flows into the Bay of Bengal near Chittagong. It is about sixteen kilometers south of the entrance of the Karnafuli River. The length of the river is two hundred and seventy kilometers and width is about one hundred and seventy three kilometers in Bangladesh.

The major tributaries of Sangu River are the Dolukhal and Chand Khali Nadi. The Chand Khali Nadi runs through the Patiya Plains and the Dolukhal River exhausts into the Satkania Plains. Another branch is the Kumira Khali. It saps into the Kutubdia Channel. There are seven Bangladesh Water Management Board hydrometric places on this river. These have been recording data since 1965. The Sangu exhausts off the waters of Satkania, Patiya and Banshkhali Upazilas. It has a link with the Karnafuli River throughout the Chand Khali River.

It becomes aggressive during rains and extends rapid existing. It is passable up water to forty eighty kilometers from the estuary. The Sangu gas field is situated about fifty kilometers southwest of Chittagong. It reaches a deepness of ten meters at its entrance. The sights of Sangu River are very attractive for the tourists.

When any visitor goes to visit Bandarban he should visit this river. There are some accommodation facilities are available at Bandarban town. The closest way to go to Bandarban town to 'Koikkhong Jhiri' bazar should hire a boat to enjoy the boat journey on Sangu River.

In the winter season the current of the river almost becomes stagnant but in the rainy season the current becomes aggressive. Visitor must be attracting with the beautification scattered on the both sides of it. You can find here hills, forests, falls with a river together. All the way you will be thrilled only and it is simply amazing.