Khoiyachhora waterfall in Chittagong -The Asian Age

Khoiyachhora waterfall is a magnificent waterfall of Chittagong. On this trail there are few more big waterfalls which are amazing. There are also some underground deep caves filled with water and fresh water natural pool. It is notable that if you want to go to first step of the waterfall you will have to climb and the trail is little bit risky.

This waterfall is undoubtedly the biggest waterfall according to the size and structure. Its 9 main steps and other scattered steps prove that this is the unique. There is a hill in Khoiyachhora which lit all the time, even into the rains because of gas.

How to go
Khoiyachhora waterfall is very easy to access especially if you are from Chittagong town, but not that much difficult either if you are from Dhaka. First come to BoroTakia Bazar of Mirsarai. You can do this by leaving the Dhaka-Chittagong bus on highway. Your dropping zone will be which is before the BoroTakia Bazar.

From there you can start trekking for 15 minutes through the concrete road and it will lead you toward a rail crossing. After the rail crossing, the typical Bangladeshi country road will lead you towards the bottom of the hills (at the water stream of the waterfall).Until reaching the water stream you can ask for help from the local villagers. Even you can hire anyone from them to enlighten you further. After reaching the water stream, just follow the trail around that, and stay beside the stream and it will automatically lead you towards the waterfall itself.

Depending upon your walking speed it will be around 1 to 2 hours of trekking for single trip. It will require same amount of time when you'll come back from there. So prepare yourself by doing exercise if you are not familiar with regular walking. Dhaka and Chittagong are linked by road. You can take a bus from Dhaka to reach the district of Chittagong.

Where to stay
There are many hotels available in Chittagong.

Eating facilities
Though you do not require any food for such a short trip. However, if you think you may need something to eat during the travel break, then keep some dry food with you. Amid of the woods you'll not find any shop or stall to buy your things.

Travel tips
There is no hotel in Bartakiya Bazaar. So if you want to stay here you will have to camp with tent or you will have to go to Chittagong or Sitakunda for hotels.
On the trail you will find only one small tea stall. So it will be a good idea to take some dry food with you.
Ask local people for directions.
Do not go very near to the underground cave. It's too deep.
If you are a good at swimming you can swim into the natural water pool. Otherwise just avoid them.