Swan arrested for road rage, causing havoc on highway -The Asian Age

Sometimes, it is life that imitates art. In what seems to be a scene straight out of the movie Hot Fuzz, police in Cambridgeshire, UK, actually arrested a rogue swan for breaking the law. A post on Twitter by the cops, shared onĀ Monday, shows a swan taken into custody following 'road rage, RTC and obstructing the Highway'. A lot of havoc by a little swan!

The photos of the suspect were shared with the hashtag 'Hot Fuzz', referring to the 2007 film where cops capture an escaped, aggressive swan.

The Cambridgeshire police, meanwhile, said on Twitter that the swan was secured with velcro straps so it didn't hurt itself in the excitement.

According to the BBC, an RSPCA officer later checked the feathered felon and released it after finding no signs of injury.