Amazing wild flower in Bangladesh -The Asian Age

Babla flower is a lovely small ball shaped yellow flower. Size is almost equal to the mimosa flower. Lot of small flower puffs are arranged as a cluster and formed that ball.

This is not an ornamental flowering plant, but anyone can use on such purpose as the bright yellow delicate flowers are amazingly beautiful. Fruits are like beaded necklace and it is white when young and black after ripen.

Botanical name of Babla flower is Acacia nilotica (It has lot of synonyms; one of those is Acacia arabica. This exotic plant belongs to the plant family Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family). In Bangladesh. We call this Babla flower, Indians call this Babool, English people call this prickly acacia, Egyptian thorn, Gum Arabic, etc.

This plant is native to Africa and Indian Subcontinent. Babla plant grows as a tree and having several meters height and the stems are having dark barks around.

Leafs are twice compound, each leaf feather comprises of 11-15 branches, and each branch then formed another feather having around 30 small leafs. This plant has thorns around the stem at several places which help it to protect from animals and other stuffs.