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A natural beauty rising on heart of Bhola. People know it as 'Dip Konna' too. A good place for traveler who love nature as you can enjoy natural beauty of Mangrove Forest, Wildlife and sea. This island is familiar to everyone cause of its natural beauty. It is an assumption that the island is four to five hundred years old and not so highly modernized. Char Kukri Mukri is a very famous place of Bangladesh.

A very scenic river, it is has been subjected by many famous Poets and Painters. Char Kukri Mukri is the symbol of natural beauty of  BholaDistrict and it was the main commercial zone 50 years ago. Since ancient times, the location of most of the river or near a water source.

Bhola is no different. The village was established along the river Jamuna. Char Kukri Mukri is the natural beauty that rises on the chest of Bhola. It is well-known as Dwip kanya too. Nature lover traveler loves its natural beauty of mangrove Forestry, Wildlife and sea. A lot of deer, cows, buffalo, monkeys and various species of wild animal and birds are live in the island.

How to get in to Char Kukri Mukri of Bhola district?

Accessible by road or riverine transport from Dhaka up to Barisal. Then go to Bhola by road. From Bhola go 2.5 hours by road towards the Car, then take 1/2 hour boat ride on local craft. South of Barisal connected both by air and road from Dhaka, Chittagong and Barisal.

Flights are available from Chittagong and Dhaka on United Airways and Regent Airways. Flights tend to be daily during the high season (Oct - Apr) but generally drop back to 3-4 flights per week during the summer and Monsoon (May - Sept).

Where to stay

There are lots of places to stay in the district. For the guests of Bhola, there is one circuit house in Bhola Sadar, and in the other six sub-districts, there are six bungalows under the control of sub-district council. Moreover, there are many other hotels and motels privately owned.

Things to do

1.    The adventure of this island is Jungle Safari.

2.    You can plan adventure holiday to Char Kukri-Mukri Wildlife Sanctuary armed with information and reviews provided by experts and by users.

Eating facilities

There are a few restaurants along side, most serving Bangladeshi standards. But expectations regarding food should not be high.