Mir Sabbir, Urmila and Ireen Tany in Eid serial -The Asian Age

Popular TV actress Urmila Srabonti Kar again became busy with acting. She is now working regularly in drama serials and faction plays. On the other hand, besides acting, popular actor and director Mir Sabbir was engaged with giving direction of his directed first government-grant movie Raat Jaga Phul round the year. He has already finished shooting of the movie and he is now taking preparation to release it in March. Actress Ireen Tany-starrer any serial crossed 400 episodes for the first time. She is acting in Sanjit Sarkar directed RTV's ongoing serial Cheating Master.

Urmila Srabonti Kar, Mir Sabbir and Ireen Tany will be seen in upcoming seven-episode Eid serial titled Bansher Cheye Konchi Boro. Directed by Mahmud Hasan Rana, story of the Eid serial was written by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu. Shooting of the serial was done in Pubail, Gazipur recently. 

While talking about acting in the serial Mir Sabbir said, "Earlier, I worked under Rana's direction in a faction drama. He works in the organised way. Story of Eid serial is nice. I will be seen in role of 'Muhuri Mir Ullah' in the serial. It is an interesting character. As story of the serial is comedy typed, so I believe viewers will enjoy it. My co-actresses Urmila and Ireen Tany acted well in the Eid serial."

Urmila Srabonti Kar shared her feelings by this way, "Under same director's direction, I earlier acted in dramas Bekkol Jamai, Enayet Alir Sangsar and Bhager Swami. He can work with cool headed. As a result, all of his works become nice. This Eid serial also became nice. Story of the Eid serial revolves with the family conflicts. I am very much optimistic about the serial. There has been no compromise in Rana's direction. For this reason, his works become overall good."

Ireen Tany said, "Story of the serial, selection of actors and my role - overall it has become a nice work. It is that type of work which draws the viewers to enjoy the Eid festival. My role in the serial was Rini. I believe this serial will come into discussion among the viewers during Eid."