A palace of Narsingdi -The Asian Age

The Balapur Zamindar Bari in Paikarchar union in Narsingdi that witnessed pomp and grandeur during its glorious past is a deserted house now.

Monu Mia Zamindar House, a massive Palace with two conjunctive complex located very near to the Ghorashal Bus-stand of Narsingdi. 

Monu Mia Zamindar Bari is located at Ghorashal, Palash, Narsingdi. Besides this landmark, there are six more landmarks listed in Narsingdi. There's also four attractions listed in this district in other categories. 

It was reconstructed in the 1335 BE (Bengali Era) by a land lord of this region named Sazda Mia. This Zamindar House is one of the greatest examples of Classical Colonial Architecture in Bangladesh. 

At the front view, meticulously designed Corinthian Columns, arch shaped door, decorated Parapet with leaf's motifs will certainly arise the attraction to observe its inner beauty. 

Inside of this Palace, it is well furnished and decorated with distinguish design. The temperature in the palace always stays little down than the outside yard. In the front of the house, there is a huge space for porch. Several ponds surrounding the Palace increases its beauty.