Kazi Reaz Rahman: A fighter against the Covid-19 pandemic -The Asian Age

Kazi Reaz Rehman, the founder of Mastul foundation, has relentlessly working for the people in distress during the coronavirus pandemic. Talking about the story of his organization, he said, "I always wanted to dedicate myself to help the helpless peoples, especially the street children who can't even afford food to eat and reduce their hunger.”  

“One day I saw some street child begging for food in the food carts. I went there and talk with them. After a long discussion, I asked them about their education. They replied with a sentence that just killed me from the inside. They said that we don't even have the food to fill our stomachs and survive; education is a luxury. I asked them what they want. They asked for some colorful books and pencils. Then I returned from there, and after a couple of days I went there with some of the things they asked for as per my ability, and I still can remember that was sufficient for 5-6 children's only. But there were another 30 sitting there for the gift," he continued.  

From that particular perspective, Mr Reaz promised himself that he would do something for the street children. Mastul Foundation is the result of that promise. Currently, they are helping around 22 schools around the city. About 1100+ street children are getting the light of education in that schools, and nutritious food maintains the proper growth.  

Mr Reaz mentioned that his organization is helping the street child by providing food and education. They also offer all the educational materials necessary, including school bags, shoes, socks, books, and notebooks.  Helping needy people is a blessing. Initiatives are taking by Mr. Reaz will help the country to grow more. The development of a country means the development of all of its citizens.  

The dream of Mr Reaz is a little bit different. He wants to make the helpless and needy appropriately skilled and self-dependent. He always plans to create employment to escape from the darkness of unemployment and poverty.