Walton releases cooling appliances for summer -The Asian Age

The country's electronics giant Walton has released new models of intelligent inverter technology's air conditioners, air coolers, ceiling fans, table fans, rechargeable fans, pedestal and exhaust fans and others cooling appliances ahead of summer.

Walton has released intelligent inverter technology based energy saving 1.5-ton AC. In addition, 4-ton and 4.5-ton ceiling type, and 3.5-ton and 4-ton cassette type ACs are the upcoming new models of air conditioners of the local brand.

Moreover, new models of ceiling, wall, table, pedestal, exhaust and rechargeable fans with lucrative colors and designs have been added to the existing models of these appliances of Walton brand.

Walton has taken massive preparations to meet the rising demands of the people who are planning to buy air conditioners, air coolers, ceiling and wall fans, table and rechargeable fans etc to stay cool and refreshed during summer season. To keep the supply-chain uninterrupted they increased the stock of these products. 

The demands of cooling appliances remarkably rise when heat waves pass through the country. For which leading local brand Walton has taken early preparation to meet the demands maintaining the supply-chain.

Abdul Bari, in-charge of Walton AC marketing department, said the local brand has targeted 57 percent growth on its AC sales to grab the major market share. Various models of AC with accurate BTU (British Thermal Unit) and suitable for the weather of the country are in the market. Walton uses Anti Corrosive Hydrophilic Golden Color Fin technology on the condenser of AC, he claimed.

Local brand has set the target of selling 14 lakh pieces fans this year. 8 lakh ceiling fans, 3 lakh table and wall fans, 1 lakh rechargeable and another 1 lakh pedestal fans are on the targeted sales volume ranges from Tk 2,990 to Tk 4,500.

Market analysis of last few years shows that the trusts of the consumers to the products of local brands are rising. Walton is manufacturing products in the country with its cutting-edge technology.  For which the country is getting rid of import-dependency saving a huge amount of foreign currency. Besides, employment scopes are being created and the manpower is becoming skilled.

Amdadul Hoque Sarker, Executive Director and Head of Marketing of Walton, said Walton retain top position in local market for last couple of years by presenting the consumers high-standard cooling appliances at affordable prices.  

Walton provides highest 36-month instalment facilities for consumers. To deliver countrywide fast and perfect after sales services Walton has 65 service centers and over 300 service points across the country where nearly 3,000 technicians are providing after sales services.