[WATCH] Computer game addict bride is dragged to her own wedding -The Asian Age

Hilarious  footage shows a gaming-addict bride being wrenched away from a computer on the day of her wedding.
The viral video, which was reportedly filmed in China, supposedly shows an angry groom and his family shouting at his soon-to-be wife while she plays her favourite online game.

The gaming-addict bride is filmed being dragged away by the wedding party 
Clad in a white wedding dress, the bride refuses to leave the computer while playing the popular League of Legends.
The clip, which many online users believe is staged, shows the groom grabbing his partner while she screams “wait a minute”.

A woman who appears to be the bride’s future mother-in-law can be heard saying: "Come now, child, we have to go."
The groom is even slapped in the face by his own dad, who says: "What’s wrong with you? You can’t even control your own wife.

“Now drag her out of here."

The groom then yells: "Please, my wife, I beg you, come with me.”
He and along with two other men manage to wrestle the bride away from the screen.
The clip ends with the woman being dragged kicking and screaming along the ground by the groom.