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Mohammad Parvez faruque (Born on 17th September 1987) is an Entrepreneur & Tech Enthusiast from Bangladesh. He is the founder of Haterkasei.com & rainbowgadget.com. He always tries to support them, who wants to grow their skill in the tech & e-commerce sector.

Parvez was born and brought up in a prestigious Muslim family in Khulna.  He has completed his graduation noapara degree college. Parvez is the Founder haterkasei.com and rainbowgadget.com . now these two sites are very well known to the online shoppers and tech lovers. This ecommerce site have been running successfully

Parvez is a Digital Marketing Expert. He started Digital Marketing Consultancy for various celebrities, public figures & brands. Parvez is a very passionate and target-focused person to learn something new in tech-related topics. His goal is to do something different in the technology sector. He is trying to increase his skills in this sector day by day. He believes, "There is no ending in learning!"

Parvez is a music artist, a thriving Entrepreneur, shopify specialist, digital marketing expert, youtuber and a specialized trainer. He is a top-rated seller in e-commerce sector in Bangladesh. He is especially known for his unique and innovative ability to excite, engage, and inspire his accompanies with his simple, yet influential transformational training method. He enthuses thousands to achieve their potential and given them the tools they require to get there.

Parvez is an experienced entrepreneur and always bear a friendly mind to help others. As a digital marketing expert, he always leads clients all over the country As a Shopify specialist and digital marketing expert, Parvez has never failed to help minor or leading brands to reach their next level. What is most important, he is always available to bring this wealth of knowledge and experiences to inspire the young generation.

Parvez is a loving son and a caring brother. He gives all the credit for everything he has ever done to his family members.