Annemarie Bostroem -The Asian Age

Annemarie Bostroem was a German poet, playwright, and lyricist. She lived most recently in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin. Bostroem was born to a family of doctors in Leipzig. Having attended schools in Munich and Königsberg, she studied theatre studies and German studies in Leipzig, Berlin and Vienna during World War II. 

This was a special reputation she acquired as a Nachdichterin (adaptators of works into several languages on the basis of interlinear versions in 95 anthologies and Single, about 100,000 lines of verse). 

Her first poetry book was Terzinen des Herzens (1947), but was rejected ideologically in the Soviet occupation zone of East Germany, and was censored in 1975. Bostroem was married to Friedrich Eisenlohr (1889-1954), another journalist, dramaturge, writer and publisher. She died in Berlin on 9 September 2015.